Ecological housing solutions for Bom Jardim

Currently TIBÁ is working with the prefeitura of Bom Jardim, Rio de Janeiro to propose some ecological housing solutions to residents for short and long term housing in the local area that was completely devastated by the recent floods. We are hoping to be able to create sustainable solutions that will act as examples for the wider community, namely Nova Friburgo, and ultimately try to prevent a disaster such as this reoccurring.

This is the site of the zoo that was destroyed and which we are proposing to use for our new eco centre and memorial. Here we are planning to provide a place to train and employ local people in the production of ‘cascaje’ concrete and adobe bricks and provide an extension to Tibá where people can learn about ecological building alternatives.

Panoramic view of the zoo which was destroyed in the floods, and proposed site for our eco training centre and memorial.


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