Some interesting new plant additions

Some beautiful new saplings have arrived and are waiting to be planted:

2 Neem, 2 Mangosteens, 2 Guaraná, 2 Ipê-roxo and 2 Pau-Brasil.

Neem is a particularly useful and famous tree due to its astringent properties and healing ability. Look under the AGROFLORESTA tab to learn more about how to easily make a pest repellent from it for your garden.

Mangosteens are a lush tropical fruit normally found in Asia. It is actually believed by many to be the most delicious in the whole world so let’s hope these trees bear fruit!

The Brazilian Guaraná contains many health giving properties, namely used as a restorative tonic and also as a mild stimulant.

Ipê-roxo is noted for its beautiful flowering colour and also strong medicinal qualities – the bark and leaves are used to treat eczema, psoriasis, cancer, allergies, wounds, sores, ulcers,viral infections, burns, and snake bites. It is also a strong stimulant for the immune system.

Pau-Brasil is a native of the Mata-Atlantica. It is very rare to find one in its natural habitat any longer as the timber was so highly sought after in the past…however we are lucky to already have a very established one in Tibá and it is wonderful we can now add to that.


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