Liza Donnelly on TED Talks: When Women + Humour = Change

Yesterday I watched on Liza Donnelly explaining how she started drawing cartoons. Also she talked about how humour had opened her eyes, mentioning that humour + women = change.

Now living these days in a world with ever faster changes (and usually for the worst) this remark of hers stuck in my mind. First of all I must say how often these days one finds so many more women in all parts of the world expressing themselves; be it in arts or in science, through adding humour and thereby making changes. (And of course these changes are for the better!) As we have seen throughout history different cultures would explain truth through humour. An example of this is the figure of Nashruddin, who in the past Baghdad would do everything wrong, but living in a wrong world, all would come out alright.

During the middle of last century a French movie maker by the name of Jacques Tati had created a figure called Monsieur Hulot. With him also everything was done wrong but in the end all was certain. Needless to say that all was done with a lot of humour. As Tati used to explain, people are always going around with so many thoughts in our heads that we are missing those funny things that are happening right around us. Interestingly, at previews of his movies people were watching laughing and laughing. But did they ever realise that they were laughing at themselves? If they did, changes for the better were close by, as Liza also showed in her drawings. Check the talk out here.

Johan van Lengen


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