The Beauty of Reforestation

About twenty years ago my wife Rose and I got our hands on a small cattle farm in the mountains behind Rio de Janeiro. Two farming lay-persons, a paintress and an architect, started getting all types of trees from the state government and planted them on the abandoned grass fields (the farmer had taken his cows with him).

When visitors come now they can’t believe their eyes. A dense forest is all around us. What used to be a narrow trench with some water is now a creek bordered by high trees. And what type of trees! Towering imperial palms, the beautifully shaped silhouette of the Brazil tree, giant bamboo thickets…

Not to speak of all kinds of flowers, huge insect-eating ones, others with fascinating aromas. Then there are the fruits, all sizes, colours and tastes…

These fruits have, of course, attracted and brought back many birds – including toucans and parrots. Insects are very attractive too – their shapes and colourings….of course, we did not do all the planting, just the beginning. Most was done later by the wind, the birds, the bats and insects. Nature knows quite well how to do it!

If one wants to know what paradise looks like, just start planting trees!

Johan van Lengen Mar ’11


Showing off our healthy eco-system we now have a family of tarantulas residing here....not for the faint-hearted!




After 15yrs we have finally been blessed with a seed pod from the beautiful Jade flower!





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One response to “The Beauty of Reforestation

  1. Kiri

    Hello Johan and Rose, I was searching for pictures of jade flowers and came across your blog. I’m so impressed by the work (which, I’m sure, in another way could be called a kind of play) you are doing in Brazil. I wanted to see about asking your permission to use the photo you posted of your gorgeous jade flowers for a professional website I’m developing for myself. If that’s alright with you, I would be happy to credit the photo to you on the site. Please just let me know! Thanks!
    An admirer of your work and flowers,

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