The June Review

We have had a huge month this past month of June. Marcelo and I have been busy in Uruguay designing and building a small school there from Superadobe and Tibá meanwhile has been full of courses, kids, animals…well nothing new really!


We ended May with our first Superadobe/Hiperadobe workshop. This was a huge success, with many people arriving to learn about this relatively new earth technique that is a super easy way to construct flexible solid rammed earth walls. For more pics from the workshop click here and for more information about ‘Hiperadobe’ click here. We have since been busy building more of this structure including another arch and some windows and we will be holding our 2nd Hiperadobe workshop here at the end of August so take note!

Next up we had the extremely interesting and relevant workshop Casa Saudável/Geobiologia with Allen Lopes Pires. Allan is constantly evolving his knowledge and techniques and this short weekend workshop was a wealth of information on how to diagnose your house and remedy it very simply. Peter and Vero’s house was used as the case study and it revealed a very special ponto estrela in the living room – lucky for them! Read more about the house progress here and check to out the latest pics.

Ernst Gotsch was also back here last weekend opening up a brand new area to use as part of our ‘Agroforestry‘ system – it is on a great north-facing slope next to Lucia’s house and involved the strategic yet dramatic cutting of a huge branch to allow more sunlight into this area – Ernst really knows how to put on a show! For pics from the workshop click here. Ernst will be back in November to continue this great work.



We have had three visits now from the local school, groups with up to 40 children of various ages getting down and dirty in the mud and learning all about eco systems and earth construction. Marcelo has been in his element keeping the children (not to mention the teachers) in hysterics while they learn about the nitty gritty of composting toilets and the great uses of manure (not the human kind).

Leandro turns 3!

Lee Lee turned 3 on the 29th June – how quickly the time flies! He definitely knew it was his birthday this time around and kept the whole party in good order, making sure there was plenty of cake left over for him….he didn’t get a whole lot of sleep that night!


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