Try Viz-Al!

It must have been ten years ago that I read somewhere that the word ‘meditation’ is written in Chinese by two ideograms, a bird and water, which I interpreted as a bird who lives by fishing. The bird would have to use peripheral vision instead of focalized vision. This way, a larger field of vision would make it possible to note any movement on the surface of the water, enabling the bird to strike and catch its prey.

It also occurred to me that by changing the brain wave pattern from beta to alpha, one enters into meditation. In other words, moving from the left hemisphere to the right; from logic to intuition. Teaching at the time how to improve creativity by contacting our intuition, it seemed to me a quick possible way to explain the ideograms.

The question is, how does one go into alpha and then how does one know one is there? Consider a new baby. It will take some time until it knows how to focalize, to go into beta. Until then, the baby rarely blinks the eyes. This means that if we refrain from blinking, we move into the right hemisphere and our intuition becomes more accessible (one can train first by looking into a mirror and seeking to enlarge the intervals between blinking). There comes a moment when we hardly blink that the third dimension has disappeared and we look at a flat image while using our peripheral vision – a wider view where all seems equally distant from our eyes. We have entered another view of reality and are now ready to create.

For several years, this vision change has been taught during workshops at TIBA (see Many participants have been able to enjoy this way of going into meditation. Try it yourself!

Johan van Lengen, August 2011




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  1. Muito grata Johan, por tudo que você compartilha conosco, ampliando nossas possibilidades de ver/sentir/viver!

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