Welcome to the Tibá blog!

These pages were set up to enable Tibanos and people around the world who are interested in Bio-Architecture and Earth Construction to follow us on our journey of creation here at our wonderful property in the Mata Atlântica rainforest in Brazil – an ever evolving work in progress!

We have several building projects currently running – the main one being the adobe house for Peter and Veronica high on the hill and smaller ones being ‘Vietnam’ a structure encompassing many different bio-architecture techniques, and a new bathroom wing to the main accommodation which will be constructed from different bio-techniques again.

Apart from this we are constantly experimenting in different earth construction techniques, plasters, and styles as well as structures from bamboo and bio-construction with the desire to learn from our mistakes and master these techniques.

We have many volunteers in Tibá that join us from around the world and add their own skills and knowledge to the ever increasing resource that is our special place; an incubator for ideas and catalyst for their realisations. Please feel free to share your own experiences on earth building trial and error here with us also!

We run many courses here year-round and have many volunteer courses here too – keep checking our regular website to get updates on when these are run, and also to learn more about the story of TIBÁ and the wonderful family who are continuing the dream of Johan van Lengen and his wife Rose.


Tibá is located in the mountains behind Rio de Janeiro – be sure to drop by sometime!


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