Neem Uses

The NEEM tree is a plant originating in India, and brought to Brazil as recently as 1992. It is a fast-growing tree, which in a few years reaches more than 10m in height.

It thrives in semi-arid regions, being drought resistant and able to withstand high temperatures, and adapts easily to different soil types.

It’s leaves and seeds can be used in gardens as a natural defence against pests and diseases of plants and also animals. It controls caterpillars, grasshoppers, beetles, aphids, mites, white fly and also weevils in stored grains. It also controls nematodes and some fungal diseases. It is not toxic to humans, mammals in general, birds or fish.

It is resistant to termites and can also be used in the recovery of degraded soil.

How to make a Natural Pesticide from Neem:

To use Neem as a natural pesticide you can use either the leaves or the seeds and its easy to prepare:-

The leaves should be dried in the shade and then ground in a forage machine to obtain the powder. This powder is soaked overnight and then strained in a cloth, resulting in a syrup that can be applied against pests of plants and animals.

Seeds should be ground in a mortar to remove the shell first, then add a little water and continue grinding to a paste. If you continue to grind this an oil will start to form; it is this oil that once mixed with water is used to control pests of both plants and animals.


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