The Lookout House

This house is not only a new family home for the Van Lengen tribe but also a large-scale experiment in earth building techniques and having the opportunity to perfect these so that others may learn from our mistakes!

The site for the structure was chosen at the top of the hill in Tibá looking out towards the Serra do Mar. It is hotter up here but also dryer and as such the style of the house will be more of a Mexican style, taking in the many cultural influences of the Flores-Van Lengen clan.

We are using many different eco systems throughout the house, but primarily the structure is built from load-bearing adobe walls on cascaje concrete slabs and where possible some earth floors.

The roof will be a green roof on top of cascaje forms and inside there will be a ‘bason’ (composting) toilet.

See ‘Monthly Progress‘ on the right for pics of where we are up to so far and more detailed progress reports…



10th Mar – Ring beam cast!

2nd Feb – Arches in Place!

31st Jan  – As of the end of January 2011 we have used

  • Adobes Colocados Rectangulares: 5181
  • Adobes Africanos: 228
  • Adobes Querimados: 270
  • 56 camas

One response to “The Lookout House

  1. Marcelo Santos

    Que cada idéia seja como um adobe
    Orgânico forte natural e auto sustentável
    formando una bela casa una bela família

    Parabéns pelo blog pela nova casa!

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