June 2011

It has been another big month for the ‘House on the Hill’ – a great effort from our June volunteers Diego (Mexico) and Barbara and Andre (Brazil).

More ‘cascaje’ arched roof slabs have been laid down over the sitting room and bathroom and are now starting on Peter’s Studio. They look great from underneath and are ready to start taking the intensive green roof we will be putting on top. As we have such a solid structure it is able to take more weight on top, so for this green roof we will be laying down a substrate of 30cm depth instead of the usual 10cm. This means that not only will we be able to use it like a proper garden but also eliminate any form of electromagnetic radiation.

The second layer of earth plaster is being currently applied moment inside, ready to take the third and final layer which will be an off-white colour. We have finally sourced a beautiful white clay nearby which will be used for this, so we don’t need to use any lime!

During the last Geobiologia/Casa Saudavel course held here with Brazilian guru Allan Lopes Pires over the weekend of the 28th/29th May we used the house as a case study and discovered a ‘ponto estrela’ or ‘star point’ right in the middle of the living room, where the lounge chair was to be placed – lucky for us it wasn’t in the kid’s bedroom or they would never be sleeping! It is easy to focus these points by using a rock to absorb this concentrated energy – later we will be putting a special chair over this so when you need an energy boost you will know where to go!

We have also started making the smaller adobe bricks in preparation for the boveda type of domed entrance way we will be building – we can’t wait to start on this new earth construction technique which will look very impressive when finished.

Thanks to Barbara and Andre for some of the following great pics of the progress up on the hill.


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