March 2011

March has been an exciting month so far in Tibá. We had  many new volunteers here who have been learning all about earth plasters, cascaje, adobes….it’s definitely a good place to learn this! Thanks Ligia, Marta, Daniel, Bruno, Chris and Pimenta. And of course the argentine contingent we couldn’t do without, Mari and Sergio.

Now Peter’s atelier is almost ready to get the roof! The adobe walls are finished and now the first layers of earth plaster are going on. There is a small toilet attached to the atelier – it is Peter’s intention that this will be open to the sky so for the walls here a more water resistant plaster will need to be applied. Peter has also been doing lots of “toilet research” as here there will be an Indian style squat toilet. Did you know this style is much better for your health??

The arches are looking fantastic and are being rendered on the reverse, leaving the adobe face exposed to the living room – they really add a true Mexican feeling to the space and look wonderful.

The last adobe courses are being laid in place as we speak – we had a little setback during Carnaval week as it didn’t stop raining heavily for over a week – this meant that the courses laid were not drying and ready for the next. But now we have had some dry days.

Of note, the concrete ring beam and a few hidden concrete columns have been cast; also some little triangular corner columns, mexican style. They are very discreet and will allay any fears about the height we have taken some walls and also to strengthen up the corners – and also means that we are nearly ready to start putting the cascaje’s down for the roof! The concrete columns and ring beam are tied through the adobes with tie wire – it is good to see how easily this can be done at a later stage.

Our Adobeiro, Berto, has set a new benchmark for adobes – he is an absolute perfectionist with this and every adobe is now being turned out perfectly with no deflection, really beautiful work – check out the pics!


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