Earthbag/Superadobe/Hyperadobe is a great construction system for people eager to experiment with earth building but unsure how to start – this technique is very forgiving!

It is a good choice for the tropics as well as arid climates and works with the biggest range of soil types of any earth construction system as well as doing away with the need for traditional foundations due to it’s huge inherent mass – why use concrete when you don’t need to? It works best with curved forms but has also been used with great success in regular type of traditional house forms, and where you need to get your house code-approved it is possible to use it as a wall infill system between concrete block columns and even timber frame.

Check out the following hugely informative websites to find out more, and we also use the great book “Earthbag Building” by Kaki Hunter and Donald Kiffmeyer as our ‘bible’.








‘Hiperadobe’ (or Hyperadobe in English) is the Brazilian evolution of the popular ‘Superadobe’ system, but using a type of plastic mesh bag commonly used for fruit bags instead of the normal closed-weave white grain sacks.

The advantages of this technique is that it uses less plastic which is not only more ecologically sound but provides more surface area for contact between the bags, which equals a more unified rammed earth structure and less need for the (difficult to use) barbed wire between the courses as there is less likelihood of slippage. (However you should remember to still use the two strands of barbed wire any time you have junctions, arches or any type of inclination.)

We love this quick to use and easy to learn building style – see the following pages to get to know the projects we are working on and come and join us for our next course!
















Photos from Hiperadobe I


One response to “Hiperadobe

  1. Faltou mencionar que o responsável por essa evolução – o Hiperadobe – chama-se FERNANDO SONEGHET PACHECO! Assistam ao vídeo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5BhJt9Evv4

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