Commencing with our first workshop in Tiba on Superadobe/Hiperadobe techniques we are constructing a 2m in diameter bathroom as an addition to the ‘Vietnam’ complex.

As the soil type here is of a very high clay content we decided to dig out the foundation to a depth of 50cm, down to more solid and stabilised earth. This we tamped lightly and then added gravel until almost until the top of the trench. We then made three rows of bagged gravel to be used as the stem wall/foundation for our bathroom, each tamped well into place. The gravel works by providing stability as well as a capillary break for any moisture likely to try to rise up for the humid ground – a very important consideration in climates such as these. It is also important to build this stem wall high enough that it will protect the bottom of the wall from direct rain not protected by the eaves, and also rain splashed back onto the footing.

We built the forms for the doors and windows and also put in place the ‘Bason’ composting toilet, ready for the course to begin, and then over the weekend workshop constructed over a metre of hiperadobe including a wonderful arch over the Bason – see here for pics of this fantastic first hiperadobe workshop, thanks to everyone that took part!

In the subsequent weeks another metre has been built including one more arch over the doorway, some windows, and beautiful glass bottle details. We are starting on the roof soon.


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