We, in the space of only 20 hectares have many different soils and micro-climates to experiment with. ‘VIETNAM’ is a part of Tiba situated on lower ground and with a distinct asiatic feel, close to the river, so very humid and with lots of bamboo at our disposal. It is a very special location and for some years now we have been modelling and remodelling a small shack utilising many different bio-techniques – an ongoing work in progress!

In the latest developments, we decided to replace the earth floor that was there, which was made from bamboo layers in rammed earth, with the type of poured adobe mix you can read about here. Lately many plaster experiments have been made on the exterior and interior walls, mostly with a beautifully coloured clay found locally which has a high mica content.

We have also started building some additional walls from pau-a-pique which will become a kitchen and now we are starting on a small bathroom.

The bathroom is our first real hiperadobe building in Tiba although we have been using it for retaining walls and small wall additions in other areas of Tiba. We are holding a workshop in building with this technique this weekend, 21st May, which will involve the construction of the lower parts of the walls using this technique and also the arched doorway and opening for the ‘Bason’ dry toilet. The great thing is by using hiperadobe/superadobe you don’t have to use concrete in the foundation, and we are determined to use Zero Concrete in this building.


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